Swim Float

Are you looking for a duo swim float or twin swim float?

We at Twin Swim Float have what you are looking for. Our beautiful and practical design of the TwinSwimFloat or Duo Swim Float is a really safe way to float in any pool, sea or ocean together with your kids. Playing together in the water will bring so much joy to your kids while they float next to you in their own duo float.

Our double swim float, ideal for swimming with two young children aged 6 to 36 months or 2 x 15 kilos. With our duo or double swim float you can safely and efficiently paddle in the pool with two kids at once. Designed for two children aged 6 months (or whenever they can properly sit up) to 36 months old (or 2 x 15 kilos).

The twin swim float remains stable even with two children different in age and weight or when used individually.

Whats in the duo float box?

Every twin swim float comes with four fun coloured balls to play with in the central splash area. It is wrapped in a beautiful, bright box which makes it a perfect gift! Shop our duo float here. We ship across the world.  We hope to see you soon (with a TwinSwimFloat) at one of the many swimming pools or beaches across Europe and even beyond. Have fun and float safe all together!

Do not forget to snap a picture (#twinswimfloat) like many other parents of twins or two young kids close in age already did!

Twin Swim Float – Duo Float – Double Float – Tweeling Zwemband – TwinSwimFloat

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