I am Sarah, the owner of Twin Swim Float and a mother of three lovely children. I am a thirty-something “rocking mama” with a big heart for her family. I am passionate about anything that has to do with interior – from sketch to decoration.

Since the Summer of 2020, I took over the Twin Swim Float business from its founder Ann, my sister-in-law. She is a proud mom to three girls: her 10 year old twins and a 7 year old singleton. During and shortly after her twin pregnancy she noticed that the few twin products available online were not for sale in Belgium or the Netherlands.

So in 2011 she launched her webshop Twee & Meer (Dutch for Two & More), selling products that make life with multiples a little bit easier and a lot more fun. She even created her very own product, the twin swim float, which quickly became popular around the world. From invention over design to production and distribution, with every step of the process in her own hands she could combine originality with beauty and quality.

However, as her twins grew and Ann felt less connected to the world of babies and toddlers, she realised it was time to shift her personal focus to her day-time job in education.

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twinswimfloat - beach
That’s how in the Summer of 2020, Ann took a step back and I have taken over the Twin Swim Float business. As a mother of three young children with lots of experience in sales & marketing, I was already running another successful company in baby/nursery products with over 25 physical sales points and a webshop shipping my products all over Europe.

The beautiful and practical design of the Twin Swim Float combined with Sarah’s expertise and enthusiasm, will certainly bring a bright future. We hope to see you soon (with a Twin Swim Float) at one of the many swimming pools or beaches across Europe and even beyond.

Do not forget to snap a picture (#twinswimfloat) like many other parents of twins or two young kids close in age already did!

Big hug


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